Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned?

A new copier depreciates 50%-80% within 6 months of being purchased.  Our pre-owned units have already depreciated so you will save thousands of dollars over a new purchase.  We buy low meter repossessed, off lease and demo machines for a fraction of the original sale price. We inspect and replace all worn parts.  We clean and test these machines before we deliver them to your place of business.

No worries with our “No Lemon” replacement guarantee.  If the machine you purchase from us has any factory defect or has excessive service we will replace it for you free of charge (provided you are under one of our maintenance programs).   The other guys won’t do that on a new machine.

Once you purchase one of our slightly used machines you will never purchase new again.

Here are some reasons why slightly used is better than new:

1. Support Local Businesses – Keep your dollars in AMERICA!

When you purchase a new copier, the majority of the profits are going to Japan or China or Korea.  When you purchase one of our certified pre-owned units 100% of the price goes back into American businesses through the parts, labor, equipment resellers and the leasing companies.  In times like these, more than ever, we need to support American businesses!

2. No “Lemon” Models

Let’s face it, sometimes models come out that prove to be “lemons” and problems may arise months after introduction or when they reach a certain meter count.  With our certified pre-owned equipment, we choose models that have a proven track-record thus alleviating frustration and down-time to you.

3. Used Means “Green”

The amount of carbon dioxide gas released into the atmosphere is 355 tons per very 1,000 copiers manufactured.  The carbon footprint of a rebuilt copier is practically zero.  This makes for a cleaner environment for all of us and our future generations.


Last but certainly not least is cost.  This is where it can make a lot of sense for your bottom line.  A rebuilt copier is going to cost anywhere from 50 – 70% less than a comparable new model.  When you add up the dollars saved, you can then invest that money back into your company and watch your profits soar.

So, why choose one of our certified pre-owned units?  Keep your money here in America and support American businesses, better reliability, environmentally friendly and substantially less expensive. Need we say more?