Are the copiers too old to be used?

No. All units are fairly new or recently discontinued.

What do these copiers look like?

All units look practically new. The units get completely disassembled and all panels are scrubbed and detailed to look new. Any defective panels are replaced. Many customers remark on the appearance of our equipment saying, “Is this a rebuilt copier? It looks brand new”.

Why are machines discontinued?

Most manufacturers change the look of a unit or add a feature or two. The truth be told, most older units are up to date with features and updates.

If the copier is discontinued will there be any problems with replacement parts?

We have an abundance of replacement part inventory and channels to supply and service all units we sell or lease. If for any reason we cannot replace a part, or parts are no longer available, we will attempt to replace the equipment as close to budget-neutral as possible.

How reliable are these units?

All units are fully rebuilt and offer the same reliability as a new machine. We guarantee your complete satisfaction of all of our reconditioned units.

Do other companies offer rebuilt units?

Yes.They sell reconditioned units as well as brand new units. Some companies take units off of lease and send them right out the door. This practice bypasses the rebuilding process leaving you with a machine that will cause some problems with reliability and copy quality. While this is very profitable for the copier company it leaves you with a unit that will not deliver the reliability that you need.

What can I expect from doing business with Infinity Business Solutions?

You will be treated with respect and honesty. You will enjoy products that will deliver results and save you anywhere from 45 -80% off the cost of a new products.

Our service team is factory trained on all products and provides professional, prompt and reliable service. That you need.

Can we lease these units?

Yes you can. We have a variety of lease options and can arrange a customized plan suited for your business.

What if we are in a lease now?

Not a problem. Most transactions include a lease currently in place.

Can you install the unit into our network

Yes we can. For a small fee we can take care of delivery and network installation.

How long for Delivery?

Most units are rebuilt and ready to go. Delivery can be next day or when requested.